Leios 2

leios 2 01 800x450It is a fast, reliable and easy to use software that allows to process data obtained from 3D scanning. It enables advanced edition of clouds of points and meshes, as well as perform basic tasks for reverse engineering. It also allows the base verification of elements by comparing them with the CAD model or another scanned object.


Main features

Streamlined Workflow

  • Scan Data,
  • Mesh Elaboration,
  • Mesh modeling,
  • Reconstruction by Fitting,
  • Surfacing and Inspection,
  • Export.

Hardware Optimization

Leios is optimized for the latest cutting edge technology the market provides.

Faster time-to-market approach

Wizard approach dramatically shortens time to market, providing one-click functions for the most common uses.

Sculpting Tools

Direct sculpting on mesh for prototyping, archiving and improvement.


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