Quality control

Quality Control – Dimension and surface Inspection. Independent non-invasive control (3D scan based inspection – non-contact metrology).

Inspection in controlled environment (eviXscan 3D Control Centre), or at the client’s location:

  • 3D deformation and deviation analysis,
  • wear analysis,
  • visual 3D reports, profile deviation color mapping, 2D sections analysis, boundary analysis.

Quality Control / inspection reports customized to client’s needs and standards:

  • intelligent reference geometry recognition,
  • point cloud and polygon mesh analysis,
  • comprehensive probing support,
  • airfoil analysis,
  • state-of-the-art GD&T functions,
  • platform automation and scripting,
  • 3D PDF reporting tools,
  • advanced Reporting Toolset,
  • automatic alignment based on feature recognition,
  • inspection without a CAD nominal,
  • interactive guided inspections,
  • 2D and 3D dimensioning,
  • import and support of key native MCAD formats with PMI,

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