Printed Circuits Boards

Years of experience have made us experts in delivering PCBs directly to our clients, we have made hundreds of PCB designs covering almost all types of bases, including FR4, Aluminum, Rogers, Panasonic, ceramic bases and many more.

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions – starting from the design of circuits to the assembly of PCBs. The PCBs produced are fully compliant with the applicable ISO and UL quality standards as well as with IPC, while strict quality assurance tests are carried out during the production process.

Considering rich experience and knowledge of technology, we can offer you a comprehensive service at low, medium and mass production with competitive terms and high quality that will meet all your requirements.

PCB solutions we offer are adjusted to your budget. You can order a few prototype circuits (from 1 piece), that will enable you to test your project, and then place a collective order for PCBs, saving even more money.

We provide the customer with a free estimate, usually within 24 hours, giving the opportunity to quickly respond to storage shortages and to plan the deliveries accordingly. We also offer full technical support of our engineers. Call or send us an e-mail with questions, choose the form which is more convenient for you. We will deal with your doubts or questions as soon as possible. We obtained over 99 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Evatronix produced PCBs for both national and international clients from following industries:

  • Consumer Electronics,
  • IT,
  • lighting,
  • telecommunications,
  • automotive,
  • power supply,
  • industrial,
  • aircraft,
  • medical instruments,
  • science instruments,
  • military,
  • aerospace.

Our offer includes following PCBs:

  • multilayer (number of layers according to the table - to be completed),
  • single or two-sided,
  • rigid materials,
  • flex polyimide,
  • Rigid-Flex,
  • HDI,
  • on an aluminum / ceramic bases.

Information about our Technological possibilities.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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