PCB layout design

Evatronix creates complex multi-layer PCBs as part of its turn-key product design services as well as implements PCB layouts based on a circuit schematic provided by the customer.

We realize PCBs for many applications, using advanced technologies when necessary, e.g.:

  • high-speed serial interfaces (like USB 3.0 or PCI-e) and wireless interfaces containing layout for RF front end, designed in accordance with EMC & high-speed design rules,
  • PCBs for power supplies and industrial sensors and LED lighting,
  • HDI boards with micro, buried and blind vias,
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex bards.

Our experience ranges from Altium Designer, Pulsonix to Mentor Graphics Expedition. Additional services may also include:

  • engineering consultancy including optimization of existing projects,
  • signal integrity analysis,
  • reverse engineering of old designs lacking proper documentation,
  • generating a technical documentation for manufacturing processes,
  • PCBs penalization.

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