Outsourced product development


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Outsourced product development

The 3D scanner development venture required from us complementing our skills with industrial design, mechanical engineering and supply chain management (in order to handle prototyping and low volume production).

Combination of selective hiring, well thought partnerships and steep learning curve for those already on-board let us built our product development capabilities and proved their viability over last four years.

Interaction with customers

Our development capabilites meet growing demand for outsourced design services coming from understaffed R&D departments of corporations, from start-ups lacking technical skills to implement their products & service ideas, from companies that miss specific skillset among their R&D teams.

Depending on these diverse customers’ needs our collaboration model may differ, but always assumes close interaction with the customer:

  • turn-key product development or focused engineering services addressing detailed customer specification (e.g. FPGA, PCB layout, embedded software development),
  • fixed-price or time-and-material contracts,
  • quick path to demonstration of user interface mock-ups and product concept visualization to enable knowledgeable changes to initial product requirements,
  • optional feasibility studies in case of complex or highly innovative projects that require exploratory phase to fine-tune the requirements and adjust the project scope,
  • project reviews and progress reports in agreed time intervals to ensure satisfying transparency of the design process.

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